As a Member, you will be able to earn BIG Points at all designated Merchants who have been signed up by BIG under the BIG Loyalty for points issuance, and also to access and view your BIG Points balance and transaction history online at the Website. BIG Points may also be deducted from the Member’s BIG Points balance in the following circumstances: BIG Members are prohibited from engaging in willful misconduct or breach of any rules governing the BIG Loyalty, including, but not limited to the fraudulent acquisition or earning of BIG Points or sale/redemption or abuse of BIG Points or acquisition, sale/redemption or abuse of any benefits. Who says you can’t have fun and earn points? 6. We shall not be responsible or be held liable for any disputes or loss suffered by you in relation to any transactions incurred from unauthorized usage of your BIG Member ID. The terms and conditions of such services, offers and programmes are binding on you as if the same are contained here. This may take up to fourteen (14) days from the date of receipt of the nomination(s) by BIG. *Terms and conditions apply. Membership Status demotion for Members will be enforced at the end of every calendar year upon review of the Qualifying Flown Sectors flown by the Member. A. AIRASIA BENEFITS AND PRIVILEGES 1.Introductory Free Inflight WiFi. BIG reserves the right to change, substitute or terminate any of the redemption rewards and redeemable items under the BIG Loyalty at any time with or without prior notice. terms and conditions stipulated by BIGin respect of the BIG Loyalty Program) from time to time. AirAsia reserves the absolute right to vary, delete or incorporate any additions to these Terms and Conditions (wholly or in part) from time to time without any prior notice to cardholders. In addition to the foregoing terms and conditions, when you use our Website, the terms of use of Website shall apply in addition to and not in substitution for any terms and conditions contained in this Agreement.