The unique ‘hook-on’ method of erection offers high levels of adaptability using minimal components, for simple and complex scaffold structures. 500 KG Scaffold Beam £ £ 563.00 Excl. Connects directly to scaffold poles. 7. 500 KG Scaffold Beam quantity. Beam trolleys are a mobile anchorage point that can be fitted onto a lifting beam to suspend lifting equipment beneath, such as a chain hoist.This allows the load to travel along the direction of the lifting beam. In this instance, the turnaround team also considered welding a temporary steel structure to support a chain pull. … This project called for Hoist & Winch to supply 3 Off “Special” scaffold structure mounted profiled track monorail lifting beam systems with the following lifting capacities a) 1 Off 1000 kg Swl and b) 2 Off 2000 kg Swl and each fitted with an electric hoist, and to be used in the refurbishment of a 5 storey building located in central London. Hire End Date. To ensure even weight distribution between the two pick points, one of the chain falls terminated in a dynamometer. First up is the ES 150N, which can lift loads at speeds of up to 19 metres per minute and is equipped with a 31 metre wire rope which makes it great for working at height. Here you will find a comprehensive range of site lifting equipment, ranging from gantry hoists to access platforms. The beam was specially made in three 200 kg (440 lb) pieces that were bolted together at splice joints. The winch lifted up the crane’s end carriages and the main bridge beam. By Anthony Van Treeck, Manager of Applications Engineering for BrandSafway, Global Corporate Headquarters The team moved the pieces below final position with a transfer buggy. Aluma Systems began in 1972 with the design of the Aluma Beam.A breakthrough in construction engineering that revolutionized the industry by introducing high grade aluminum forming and shoring components to replace the expensive and heavy wood and steel equipment. The rigging had a total height exceeding 90 inches and featured two 10-ton trolleys and two 10-ton chain falls to lift the 73-inch-by-80-inch valve by connecting wire rope to the sets of lifting eyes positioned on each end. This product has been used throughout the UK for small or larger contracts to enable the lifting of all types of renewable energy panels under 70Kg safely. The most compact of the bunch is the ES 150N which packs a 150kg load capacity, a 19 metre per minute average lifting speed and a 26 metre wire rope. OR SPEAK TO OUR We have got self-tapping, extensions, and other forklift accessories, along with a Telehandler and Forklift Truck too. The range of scaffold hoists from Imer is made up of a number of models, each of which has its own features and capabilities. The user must determine the load capacity of the … Depending on the length, size and configuration of the beams, a trolley I-beam can support loads of 1,250 to 10,000 lbs. Scaffold lifting rig is safe way to lift, move heavy objects. Home / Lifting / 500 KG Scaffold Beam. Definition of a Mobile Scaffold Mobile scaffolds are a type of supported scaffold set on wheels or casters. By engineering lifting rigs for specific applications, processing facilities have moved gigantic pieces of equipment. A lifting rig consists of standard scaffolding with header I-beams and an underhung trolley I-beam securely clamped to the scaffolding. SALES & HIRE TEAM ON This “solution” would have required an extended shutdown and inherently introduced all the hazards associated with a crane pick, so the facility began to look at engineering a lifting rig to move the valve. Whatever the reason for your scaffolding beam needs we can assure you we have the products available! Often a mobile crane would lift out a large component like this, but if some essential processing equipment is blocking the way, the crane would not be able to be centered on the heat exchanger. Lattice Beam Technical Data Sheets. Niko Scaffolding Runway System. This 300Kg hoist has a 30m height of lift which is designed to be used within scaffolding or on a flat room where there is no scaffold to attach a lifting hoist to. Apollo Scaffold Services manufacture and supply X-beams, Ladder beams, Lattice beams, Safety gates and stair treads for sale in the UK for construction and maintenance. While the lifting rig may look completely different from the one used to move valves, it employs the same elements: scaffold, outriggers, cross-bracing, large I-beams and multiple lift points. We can also supply varying widths made to your specific requirements, please contact us for more information. Sitemap | Accessibility | T&Cs | Privacy Policy | Cookie Policy, © Copyright Tusk Lifting Ltd. All Rights Reserved. With progress in the construction industry, and so many different styles of architecture, various types of scaffolding systems are in use. The biggest challenge was figuring out what components required clearance and by how much, as well as if pipes could be moved or relocated. - Repair bracket scaffolds. We offer all … LOBO Scaffold Lifting Slider Beam equipment provides an easy to attach lifting solution. Constructed from 48.3mm O/D x 3.2mm high tensile steel and saddle welded at every joint, they fully integrate with existing fittings. In this kind of situation, a lifting rig can be engineered to move the heat exchanger laterally far enough for the crane to make a clean pick. HS Code. Enquire Now Download Spec Sheet. EK. The scaffold lifting bag is to be used as a coupler bag only. In flight, the wings generate vertical lift and the spars carry this load through to the fuselage. Construction Properties. Hire Start Date . 750mm X-Beam 750mm X-Beam Calculation to BS EN 1999-1-1. And for these heavier pipes, valves and vessels, a custom-engineered lifting rig solution is often the answer. - MOBILE SCAFFOLDS. Depending on the length, size and configuration of the beams, a standard trolley I-beam can support loads of 1,250-10,000 pounds. Details about Professional Overhead Beam Crane Trolley Electric Scaffold Lifting Winch 495 Kg See original listing. The lifting handles are also long enough for pulleys to lift the bag by a single point. Scaffold Tube. Scaffolding Runway Systems. The Scaffolding Runway System is unique to Niko Ltd and provides a solution for lifting and moving loads throughout a scaffolding support structure. Putlog - a scaffold tube with flattened end. The above list is not exhaustive and any scaffold that is not a standard configuration or does not comply with published manufacturers’ guidelines will require a specific design produced by a competent … Specification. Scaffolding Operatives 3.2.1. Ladder beam specification Overall depth - 353mm (12" centres) (standard ladder beam width) Spreaders Beams and Lifting Beams are used for a wide range of lifting operations throughout most industrial sectors. At the end of the day on any industrial site, lifting objects presents inherent safety hazards, including working at height, dropped objects, pinch points and confined spaces. Lifting Gear, Rigging Equipment and More from SafetyLiftinGear SafetyLiftinGear is a UK-based supplier of safety equipment and lifting gear. Description. It has a host of other benefits to offer, including a payload capacity … Installation Scaffold. When properly designed and installed, the system is capable of lifting a maximum of 3,000 pounds, allowing for the removal of loads within congested areas without overhead crane capabilities. It has a running beam 3.3m long and allows an overhang of 1m beyond the edge of the safety board to enable … All loads shown in the lifting rig section include a safety factor of 4. CALL US | 0844 800 1750. Lifting beams are ideal if you're looking for a rigid, single point connection to use while moving goods. Features. The scaffold runway beams are engineered in accordance with BS 466 for general crane specifications, and BS 2573 for strength of structures and mechanisms. However many designs are a hybrid of the two. Scaffolding. Transport Package. These accessories are often bespoke in design and commonly produced as ‘one offs’ or in small batches. Product Description Customer Question & Answer Ask something for more details 450x6000 / 48.3x4.0mm HDG Steel Ladder Beam… All deliveries where powered lifting is used (e.g. MAKE YOUR JOB EASIER WITH THE REASSURANCE OF A SAFE WORKING ENVIRONMENT. Enquire Now. 300mm deep and 300mm center to center rungs. IMAGES AND VIDEOS OF THE PROJECT. This guide is intended to clarify when a scaffold design is required and what level of training and competence those erecting, dismantling, altering, inspecting and supervising scaffolding operations are expected to have. Ended: 04 Dec, 2020 13:44:16 GMT. VAT. Phone. Please contact us for latest prices and availability. Trolley I … Capacity ranges from 100Kg to 1600Kg. The system provides an excellent solution for the movement of heavy items around scaffold. Welcome to our Site Lifting & Handling department. Steel Strip, Pallet, as Per Requirment . A beam clamp is also commonly referred to as a girder clamp, they are designed to be used as a temporary means of fixing a lifting point to a beam or girder, generally a lightweight piece of equipment they can in most cases be easily transported around a work site for use in several different locations. At one processing facility, for example, a failing valve needed to be removed and replaced with a new 33,000-pound ball valve. - Needle beam scaffolds. Scaffold Beams. Scaffold is a temporary structure, stage, or elevated platform that serves to aid construction and maintenance projects at a height. It is ideal for the small builder or larger contractor to lift … Scaffold Hoist HE 200 Veloce . Traditional methods for lifting heavy components include using a facility’s overhead trolley crane, a fork truck, or removing a roof module and lifting out the object with a large mobile crane (an extremely expensive option of last resort). The Scaffold Runway System connects directly to scaffolding poles to help move heavy loads around a scaffolding structure. Single person operation. Add to basket. Scaffolding, also called scaffold or staging, is a temporary structure used to support a work crew and materials to aid in the construction, maintenance and repair of buildings, bridges and all other man-made structures.Scaffolds are widely used on site to get access to heights and areas that would be otherwise hard to get to. : HIAB) will require proof of operator competence and that the lifting equipment has a current certificate of test and thorough examination. Manufacturer of Scaffold Beams & Components . Beam load testing we offer: • Lift shaft beams • Lifting beams • Runway beams • Gantry cranes • Jibs & davits. If item is ordered before 2pm and is in stock -- If the item is not available for Next Day Delivery we will contact you directly as soon as possible. Here at Lifting Gear Direct, we stock a wide variety of scaffold hoists, a 110volt scaffold hoist, scaffold winch models and related accessories, catering for the needs of construction workers throughout the UK.There are numerous model choices with the TEA HE235 electric scaffold hoist a best seller. At Generation we can supply a number of scaffold tube options including both standard 4.0mm EN39 and 3.0mm high yield Steel tube or Aluminium EN 10219-1 in a range of lengths that are compatable for both commercial and private building projects. Date Format: DD slash MM slash YYYY. Product Advantages: Recycled, heavy-duty plastic nailer strip lasts four times longer than wood. We are committed to offering the highest quality products, whilst delivering exceptional customer service.